Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the good times roll...

It's summer! The plan for the summer is to take "Friday Field Trips" instead of a major vacation so we have several small trips planned throughout the next couple of months. Tomorrow is my last work day, but the family and I got our fun started this past Sunday with a little mini trip. Since we hadn't been together as a family all week, we decided to do something together that afternoon. We headed over to a place that Ronnie and I hadn't visited since grade school - Town Creek Indian Mound.

We headed home after church, changed clothes and took off. We stopped at Mickey D's to grab a quick bite we could eat on the road since we were driving for an hour anyway. We really felt like we were going out in the middle of nowhere, and when Ronnie was about to give up finding the place, we found it. 

We watched a video on the excavation of the site and learned facts about the people who had once lived on this land. Then we headed out to see the burial area, the ceremonial site and a hut. I'm not sure how much the boys understood or retained, but I believe they had a good time just hanging out with Mama and Daddy.

(Ronnie actually took the camera and got a picture of me!)

After we had toured and seen the sites, we decided to walk the nature trail down by the Little River that loops back around to the entrance. It was an easy, level walk and the boys enjoyed running ahead, waiting and then getting behind. They were curious about the plants, the river and spiders.

Near the end of trail, Ronnie fussed at us to get quiet and when we all paid attention we saw twin fawns running across the trail. I wish I had gotten a picture, but they were super fast and I'm glad I just watched them while they were there. 

We had a great afternoon together as a family and enjoyed spending time doing something a little different than our normal routine. Stay tuned for more of our summer adventures!


Katie Danielle said...

I went with one of Michelle's kids ((I think Hunter)) for a field trip not long ago there, it brought back memories from when I went. I bet the boys loved it! I LOVE Ezra's hair in the first set of pictures, he's takin' after "feather head" ((Elijah)) already, haha! The pictures of the little ones on y'alls shoulders is great && the one of the boys, where it looks like Ezra is in the tree, BRILLIANT! Glad y'all had fun!

Renee said...

Your Friday field trips are fabulous!! :) Looks like you had fun.

P.S. I love that pic of you and your boys!