Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Field Trip - Museum of Natural Sciences

On Saturday the 7th we drove the boys up to Raleigh to the museum to see dinosaurs. Around my house we know a lot about dinosaurs (for a five year old), but we hadn't seen a skeleton up close and personal. We gave Ethan the option the night before of going here or to a cool park and he enthusiastically chose the museum. But on the way he was getting tired of riding and exclaimed about half way there, "I shouldn't have chose the museum!" I think once we got there he changed his mind, however, and was glad that we went.

First look at the place and a couple of whale skeletons.
(And Elijah picking his nose.)

Inside of some huge tree.

These extra large marbles were made with the various granites found in NC. 

Our little trooper did fairly well in the stroller.

A T-Rex head!

This thing was huge!

All three of my babies could fit in his one footprint!

Then Ethan wanted to pose.

So Elijah had to as well.

We went to a 3D movie about dinosaurs. 

Ronnie got excited over the honey bee exhibit. 

Our honey.

After a day at the museum we drove around Raleigh a little. We showed Ethan the Capitol Building (Elijah was already asleep so we didn't get out to explore.), the we drove through campus at NC State and made a pit stop in Apex for supper and shopping.

We made it back home in time to see the fire works my cousin set off at his dad's old place and then we called it a day. 

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