Monday, July 2, 2012

Just thinking...

-I jogged/walked a mile this morning on the treadmill. Yay me!
-Ronnie doesn't have to work out of town this week. :)
-I enjoy being able to take naps...they make me a nicer person. 
-I'm really struggling with the decision of whether to go back to work or to stay home. It's pretty much got me down in the dumps.
-I want to write a children's book. But I don't know what I would write about. Hmmmm....
-I really need to start working on Ezra's birthday party. It will probably be on August 11.
-I should paint the kitchen and dining room.
-I need to work on those projects that are starting to pile up around here.
-I need to figure out what we're having for supper. 
-I need to get off of this computer and go do something...


Renee said...
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Renee said...

Sorry I messed up on the first comment! Anyway, I'm proud of you for working out this morning. I have been *thinking* of doing the 30 day shred, LOL. I did it once last week and realized how out of shape I am!

What's for dinner ;) ?

vickit43 said...

I am proud of you do exercise to. It is hard to make yourself exercise when you don't have small children but small children wear you all. I stayed at home with my boys until I started working at NM. I enjoyed it most days and would not go back and change it for the world. I should have started college way back then but, that is a whole different story. Oh well I better get off of here and get busy to.